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President's Roundtable
PRT for Web 2018

The President’s Roundtable was established by action of the President and the Board of Trustees of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the spring of 1995.

The Roundtable is an ecumenical body that works with Louisville Seminary to support, educate, and influence one another through:

  • Studying contemporary issues facing the Church and theological education today, and
  • Building and maintaining mutual communication and support between Louisville Seminary and the congregations, governing bodies, and denominational offices served by the Seminary.

President's Roundtable Members

Rev. Dr. Robert and Mrs. Diane Agnew, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Rev. Barbara Z. & Rev. J. Mark Barnes, Louisville, KY
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Beth Beard, Louisville, KY
Mr. Richard H.C. and Ms. Elizabeth Flanders Clay, Louisville, KY
Lee and Stuart Clements, Jonesborough, TN
Dr. Robert M. Close and Mrs. Nina E. Frost, Purcellville, VA
Mr. Richard T. and A. Barclay Darden, Birmingham, AL
Rev. Karen E. Devaisher, Avon, IN
Mr. Zack D. Ellison, Columbus, IN
Mrs. Lea H. Fischbach, Louisville, KY
Rev. Dr. Donald R. & Mrs. Colleen H. Frampton, New Orleans, LA
Mr. George and Mrs. Betty Gibbs, Louisville KY
Mr. Peter B. and Mrs. Janet W. Halliday, Columbus, OH
Rev. Scott B. and Mrs. Lara Hauser, Mequon, WI
Rev. Dr. G. David Hawley, Cincinnati, OH
Mr. James & Mrs. Sara Haynes, Glenview, KY
Rev. Steven P. and Mrs. Diana S. Jester, Louisville, KY
Dr. Pamela G. Kidd and Rev. Dr. Riley E. Jensen, West Olive, MI
Dr. C. Edward & Mrs. Virginia B. Knight, Dripping Springs, TX
Rev. Jeffrey T. and Rev. Arianne Lehn, Fort Wayne, IN

Rev. Nelson E. Lumm, Portage, MI
Dr. W. Gene March & Rev. Dr. Lynn Gant March, Louisville, KY
Rev. Dr. Amariah McIntosh, Sylvania, OH
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Macie Nichols, Louisville, KY
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Isaac K. Njuguna, Louisville, KY
Mr. Wade B. & Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Perry, Mobile, AL
Dr. Robert L. & Mrs. Connie Reed, Cincinnati, OH
Dorothy S. Ridings, Louisville, KY
Mr. Ross C. Royce, Palm Coast, FL
Rev. Karen Schlack, South Elgin, IL
Mr. Brent L. and Mrs. Diane C. Slay, Grand Rapids, MI
Rev. David L. & Mrs. Alicia G. Snardon, Louisville, KY
Mr. Mrs. Lucy Steilberg, Louisville, KY
Miss Jane L. Stevenson, Owensboro, KY
Rev. Dr. Rollin H. Tarter, Danville, KY
Dr. Rance Thomas, Florissant, MO
Mr. J. Kendrick and Mrs. Claudia C. Wells, Louisville, KY
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