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by Chris Wooton | May 09, 2019


“This diverse crowd - if only you could see yourselves. If only you could see what you look like from here. You look like what we need the world to look like, sitting shoulder to shoulder, together. So let us today, and every day from now on, remember what it felt like to be in this room, with all kinds of people sitting together, standing together, speaking and loving and cheering together … this is what God would want for us.”

-Sadiqa N. Reynolds, Esq., President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, from the podium at the inauguration and installation of the Rev. Dr. Alton B. Pollard III as the 10th president of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Alton PreachingIf you attended any of the events held during the celebration for the inauguration and installation of the Rev. Dr. Alton B. Pollard III, you experienced first-hand the power and joy of “Whosoever.” This one word from John 3:16 encapsulates the spirit of President Pollard and the foundation of Louisville Seminary.

"Whosoever" celebrates the unconditional and everlasting love that God has for all people of every creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, and circumstance. And so the Louisville Seminary Community accepts the invitation, the challenges, and the rewards of emphasizing “Whosoever: A Divine Invitation” as the foundation for engaging the world and building bridges between God and humanity.

Now, we invite you to make "Whosoever" part of our students' education at Louisville Seminary and the ministries they will carry on after graduation. Make a gift today and join our journey. 
For your presence, for your prayers, and for your generous support, we are grateful. Thank you for making the vision of “Whosoever” a reality at Louisville Seminary!


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