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The Gospel of Love: A Special Message from Alton B. Pollard III

by Chris Wooton | Mar 01, 2019

Like many of you I have walked, watched, and prayed with many friends in the United Methodist Church in recent days and through the years. This week’s special Session of the General Conference has brought enmity, brokenness, and fragmentation to many lives – in particular to those in the LGBTQIA community and also to households of faith seeking to do justice and love mercy. Across our manifold denominational and religious lives we have yet to enter into the fullness of who we are as beings, created in the image of the divine, and yet one promise is sure. It is a sacred truth: We, all of us, are the children of God. We are the body beloved. We are the rainbow community. We are the universe displayed. We belong to one another. We are family.

Two hundred and forty-three years after the founding of this nation our struggle as a citizenry to embrace the promise of equality, equity, civility, comity, truth, justice, and inclusiveness evident in our body politic also continues. However haltingly, falteringly, or stumblingly – religion, region, language, politics, ethnicity, ability, race, gender, generation, and class – distinguishing markers often used to foment division are incredibly becoming the very intersectional means to change we seek, as we expand the meaning of our democracy and accord to every citizen the dignity of difference as persons and in community. It is a sacred truth: We the people. A more perfect union.  E. Pluribus Unum. Yearning to breathe free. We belong to one another. We are family.

Our movement toward and for and with one another especially and exquisitely includes the efflorescence of human love. We embrace our LGBTQIA kith and kin with a full and embodied love precisely because of love. In our personal and societal lives everyone deserves the right to tranquility, fulfillment, advocacy, security, love and life. Transgender, queer, bisexual, lesbian, gay, questioning, intersex, asexual, or allied, we are in this life together. Louisville Seminary, let us love our sisters and brothers, companions and friends, with a love that will not let each other go. May we model our theological education. It is a sacred truth: Love is unconditional. Love is our fierce responsibility. Love always finds a way. We are Ubuntu. We belong to one another. We are family.

Alton B. Pollard III
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