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    Nicole Ward, MA, LMFT
    Nicole Ward

    Helen Paris Foundation, LLC

    Nicole considers herself a social entrepreneur. As such, she pursues creative ideas that have the potential to solve community-based problems. She is professional, bold, lively, and willing to take risks and effort to create positive changes in society through her initiatives.

    Helen Paris Foundation, LLC is Nicole’s and her daughter, Rebecca-Ruth Ward’s, public speaker business, named for their grandmothers. Along with paying homage to their grandmothers through public speaking, Nicole works as a licensed marriage and family therapist and an advance Reiki master. Nicole has spent years encouraging people to increase awareness of our interdependence. She believes it is fundamental to be gracious to one another.

    Nicole is the mother of three adult children: Christian Trāh, Rebecca-Ruth, and Evangel Alex. She cherishes her middle school daughter, Jillian Hadiya. Nicole’s three grandchildren, Dominick Cole, Mya Irean Hārt, and Olivia Jaide, are the future’s ancestors.

    Nicole has diverse interests. When not delivering informative and optimistic public speaking events, she enjoys family, friends, traveling, listening to audio books, writing, and collage. Nicole also affectionately tends to her two cats, her micro flock of hens, and enjoys all things "Star Trek."
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