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    Marriage and Family Therapy Conference 2019
    MFT Conference banner

    Morning Session | 9 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. | Choose One

    Option One:
    Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse

    Domestic Violence (DV) and Elder Abuse (EA) are prevalent in American families. Both forms of abuse have serious effects on the stability and safety of families. Understanding the risk factors and dynamics of family violence is essential for marriage and family therapists who will undoubtedly treat clients impacted by abuse.

    Using an interactive combination of PowerPoint presentation, videos, case studies, and small-group work, this workshop will provide marriage and family therapists with clear understanding of the dynamics of DV/EA and the signs to look for when working with clients.

    Participants will also learn how to effectively respond to cases of family violence including the creation of safety plans. Finally, participants will explore Kentucky’s mandatory reporting laws and the impact of reporting on the family.

    Learning Objectives

    • Identify the signs, dynamics, and prevalence of domestic violence and elder abuse
    • Incorporate into daily practice screening tools for DV/EA
    • Understand the negative impact of domestic violence and elder abuse on the family system
    • Discuss and share techniques that have worked (and those that have not) when working with families dealing with domestic violence and elder abuse
    • Create a safety plan for victims of DV/EA


    Paul Troy
    Paul Troy

    Senior Victim Advocate at ElderServe, Inc.
    Learn more about Paul.
    Beth Seeger Troy
    Beth Seeger Troy

    Clinical Director at Louisville Seminary Counseling Center
    Learn more about Beth.

    Option Two:
    Human Trafficking Panel

    Kentucky Law and Law Enforcement
    Learn about state law (Kentucky Revised Statutes) as it relates to the charge of human trafficking and what the various elements of the crime entail as well as what the Louisville Metro Police Department is doing to fight against human trafficking and make our city safer.

    Transition from Trafficking
    Learn about what and how Scarlet Hope works with women who are exploited and trafficked and gain insight by hearing lessons that have been learned over a decade of working with exploited women.

    Survivor-Led and Survivor-Shared Spaces
    Learn how marriage and family therapists can prepare survivors for sharing their stories and lead groups for other survivors; how survivors can work through trauma-recognizing symptoms, activations, and management of symptoms; and how survivors can share their stories while maintaining their safety.

    Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery and Clinical Practice
    Learn about the various types of human trafficking and the risk factors and extent of human trafficking in the United States. The roles and responsibilities of clinicians in recognizing, assessing, and treating victims of human trafficking as well as the safety, reporting, and referring clients to various resources and supports will be discussed.


    Davis Allen
    Lt. David Allen

    Commander of the Special Victims Unit for the Louisville Metro Police Department
    Learn more about David.
    Rachelle Starr
    Rachelle Starr

    Founder and Executive Director at Scarlet Hope
    Learn more about Rachelle.
    Amy Turner
    Amy Turner

    Director of the Sexual Assault Resource Center at the Center for Women and Families
    Learn more about Amy.
    Nicole Ward
    Nicole Ward, MA, LMFT

    Founder/Owner of the Helen Paris Foundation, LLC
    Learn more about Nicole.

    Afternoon Session | 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Ethics Master Class


    Ever wish an ethics workshop could be more applicable and interesting? In this workshop we will depart from recycled themes in favor of doing what clinicians do best—case consultation as a constructive tool to identify, clarify, and energize ethical thinking and outcomes in clinical practice. The consultative panel will consist of a marriage and family therapy teaching faculty member and AAMFT Approved supervisor and clinical director, and an honest to deity classically trained philosophical/theological ethicist. The panel will review four clinical examples presented by practicing clinicians and respond with an eye toward ethical issues, problems, dilemmas at the case level, supervisory level and community/advocacy level.


    Loren Townsend
    Loren Townsend

    Director of Louisville Seminary's Marriage and Family Therapy Program and Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
    Learn more about Loren.
    Beth Seeger Troy
    Beth Seeger Troy

    Clinical Director at Louisville Seminary Counseling Center
    Learn more about Beth.
    Scott Williamson
    Scott Williamson

    Louisville Seminary Robert H. Walkup Professor of Theological Ethics
    Learn more about Scott.

    Fees (CEUs included)

    • Community Professionals: Full Conference - $120.00; 1 event - $60.00; Lunch - $10.00
    • Louisville Seminary Alums: Full Conference - $60.00; 1 event - $30.00; Lunch - $10.00
    • Master's-Level Students (with valid ID): Full Conference or 1 event - $25.00; Lunch - $10.00


    Email Becky Timerding or call (502) 992-9363.

    Louisville Seminary’s Marriage and Family Therapy program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. CEUs provided by Louisville Seminary’s MFT program are accepted by the Kentucky Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.
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