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MAMFT Program Requirements



A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is required for admission.  Personal experience, maturity, sense of ministry, and aptitude, as demonstrated during an interview process, also are considered for admission.  Advanced standing may be given for previous graduate degrees in selected fields.  Consistent with the program's mission to train marriage and family therapists who are competent to practice in a multicultural and interfaith world, students entering the MAMFT Program embody a range of differences in religious and educational background, ethnic and racial identity, gender, and sexual orientation. 


 To qualify for graduation, students must meet the following requirements:

•  Satisfactory completion of all academic courses required by the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

•  Successful demonstration of clinical competencies and completion of clinical experience including a minimum of  
   500 supervised hours of direct client contact and 100 hours of clinical supervision.

•  Active participation in Interdisciplinary Case Conference from entry semester through semester of graduation.

•  Successful preparation and defense of a “Senior Integration Experience.”

•  Completion of the MFT Exit Examination with a passing score.

•  Appropriate administrative management of the discharge or transfer of all client.

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