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Rare Books Collection
Certain rare, embrittled, or otherwise unique materials are housed in a closed climate-controlled environment in the library. These titles are included in the online catalog and are available for your use. Because many of these items are fragile or difficult to replace, the following rules govern their use:
 1.  To consult an item from the Special Collection, you must submit a written request at the Circulation Desk at least two business days in advance, indicating (a) the reason for the request and (b) the date on which you want to use the item. Forms for this purpose are available at the desk.
 2.  The use of any item from the Special Collection must be approved by the Head of Public Services, the Head of Technical Services, or the Library Director. If your request is approved, a librarian will retrieve the item for you.
 3.  Items from the Special Collection may be used only in the Reference Room.
 4.  Any special instructions of the librarian, such as the use of linen gloves in some cases, must be followed, or permission to use the material may be withdrawn.
 5.  Photocopying material from the Special Collection must be approved and performed by a librarian. Some items may be too fragile for photocopying.
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