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Interior Lucy Stites Barrett Libarry at 109 East Broadway campus

1.1 The Library seeks to support the mission of Louisville Seminary by providing its students, faculty, and other employees with
1.1.1 integrated access to library resources and information technologies that facilitate their activities of teaching, learning, research, and administration and
1.1.2 instruction that enhances their ability to find, evaluate, and use information relevant to their vocational commitments with effectiveness and integrity.
1.2 Within the scope of this support for the mission of Louisville Seminary, the department also seeks to offer resources and instruction to Seminary alums, members of area faith communities, and the local public in support of their study of subjects related to Christian faith and practice.
 Principal Objectives
2.1 Identify, acquire, organize, and disseminate all forms of recorded information (print, microform, electronic, and audio-visual) that support the current research, instructional, and administrative programs of the Seminary.
2.2 Acquire also a range of materials representing perspectives and subject matter broader than those represented in the present curriculum and current faculty and student research in order to facilitate study beyond those confines and familiarize patrons with changing patterns of Christian reflection.
2.3 Provide electronic and print search tools for identifying resources relevant to the research, teaching, and learning of library patrons.
2.4 Provide timely access to, and easy retrieval of, library resources through expeditious cataloging and through circulation policies that facilitate shared use of those resources.
2.5 Provide access to, and facilitate the use of, information resources available beyond the campus.
2.6 Instruct faculty and students in the integrated use of information technology, search tools, and traditional print, microform, and audio-visual resources for teaching, learning, and research in both academic study and the practice of ministry.
2.7 Offer assistance in locating resources relevant to the research and study needs of library patrons.
2.8 Maintain an environment in the library that is conducive to individual study and reflection as well as to collaborative learning.

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