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Supervisors and Locations

Supervision and Evaluation

The Field Education Supervisor is a vital resource for students. In the weekly supervisory conference with these practicing professionals, the student reflects upon concrete segments of his or her work and engages in planning for future learning. Because of the importance of the Field Education Supervisor’s role, the Director of Field Education offers training annually for new supervisors and continuing education through the Supervisory Studies Program.

The Seminary depends upon the Field Education Supervisor to provide on-going feedback to the student and to work with the student in a final evaluation at the end of each unit of training. This process begins at the start of the unit as the student and supervisor together establish a Learning Covenant, clarify areas of responsibility and set criteria for evaluation. A copy of the final evaluation is normally shared with the student’s faculty advisor and the appropriate governing body of the denomination to which the student is related. The Director of Field Education is available for consultation in the event that problems arise in relation to the student’s work. With early negotiation, serious problems can often be averted.

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Supervisory Studies Program

An important part of Field Education is participation by both student and supervisor in either the Supervisory Studies Programs which are held at 9:30 a.m. on the first Monday of October, November, March, and April for agencies or in the supervisors and student's sessions of the Practical Theology in Congregations course. During these times students and supervisors explore tools for deepening the supervisory relationship and for theological reflection.

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Become a Field Education Site

Agencies and Congregations seeking to become field education sites are required to interview with the Director of Field Education. The Supervisor must participate in a supervisory training session. The site must also submit:

1) Ministry Site Information Form_18-19,
2) A Stipend (Congregations) OR Payment (Agencies) Agreement, and 
3) A Congregational OR Agency Supervisory Covenant.


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