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MDiv Learning Outcomes

SLO 1: Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the Bible, and the ability to use critical skills and educated imagination to interpret it in contemporary social and cultural contexts.

SLO 2: Students will learn to become skillful interpreters of the history of Christian experience.

SLO 3: Students will be able to think theologically and ethically in relation to particular traditions and contemporary needs.

SLO 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to reflect critically and self-critically on relationships between Christian faith and various forms of systemic injustice.

SLO 5: Students will acquire the knowledge and skill sets necessary for the practice of Christian ministry – as demonstrated by effectiveness in such activities as:
• Leading congregations within the framework of their communions, confessions, and polity
• Preaching, teaching, and leading worship
• Praying and teaching others to pray
• Leading an organization effectively
• Providing public leadership
• Inviting others into the Christian faith
• Offering pastoral care
• Participating in constructive intra-Christian and interreligious engagement

SLO 6: Can articulate own theological perspective, mindful of the global, multicultural, multi-religious context of contemporary ministry.

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