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MAR Learning Objectives

Louisville Seminary intends that students in the MAR program to achieve deeper theological and biblical understanding through a broad foundational course of study in the areas of Bible, History, Theology, Ethics, and Religion. This means that students will
SLO1: be able to interpret Scripture critically and imaginatively

SLO2: demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the global history of the Church

SLO3: demonstrate an understanding of multiple theological perspectives, historical and contemporary

SLO4: demonstrate the ability to think theologically, strategically, imaginatively, and contextually about ethical issues

The Seminary also intends that students in this program:

  1. develop advanced biblical and theological understanding through elective credits for a concentration in the Bible or Religious Thought

  2. Are better prepared for graduate study by becoming competent in conducting independent research through the completion of a culminating project, usually a thesis, and, in certain extraordinary cases, a comprehensive examination

    SLO5: Students will be able to conduct independent critical research and write clearly and convincingly on a topic of biblical, theological, historical, or ethical concern.

  3. Acquire basic skills and knowledge to grow spiritually and explore vocationally the uses of their degree for their life and work in the church and in the world
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