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Master of Arts (Religion)
The Master of Arts (Religion) degree program at Louisville Seminary is a two-year, advanced humanities program designed to meet the needs of people who do not plan to enter ordained ministry, yet who desire to bring a spiritual dimension to their lives, educational background, and work. Louisville Seminary's Master of Arts (Religion) degree can help the student address society's needs as well as his or her own needs to offer spiritual direction in a secular setting.

The Master of Arts (Religion) degree program at Louisville Seminary offers two concentrations: Bible or Religious Thought.

Throughout the course work in either of these concentrations, the student will discover a deeper understanding of theology and the Bible. Louisville Seminary's Master of Arts (Religion) graduates are well-versed in many theological disciplines. They are equipped to serve their churches as knowledgeable lay people and to bring a considerable spiritual dimension to their professions.

Master of Arts (Religion) students work closely with faculty advisors to relate their studies to their future plans as well as in designing individual curricula. Most classes are held during fall and spring semesters. Select courses are offered during a January term and during a summer term. The Master of Arts (Religion) Degree requires 54 semester hours. Some students elect to apply for admission to the Master of Divinity degree program following the Master of Arts (Religion) program.
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