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Doors to Dialogue (D2D)

For more than 150 years the history of Louisville Seminary, as a Presbyterian and Reformed theological school, has been committed to an ecumenical perspective that values relationships with communities of faith whose theological, social, and religious perspectives are distinctly different from one another. We believe that such diversity is essential to the formation of our students for leadership in the church and ministry in a world of difference.

Today’s theological journey toward pastoral leadership demands new doorways for learning, for sharing, for action, for dialogue.

Pastoral leaders must be able to articulate, communicate, and lead with pastoral compassion and a passion for the Gospel in a world of growing religious difference, challenges, and needs:

  • Immigrant communities
  • Urban centers
  • Impoverished neighborhoods and nations
  • Racial tension
  • Religious extremes
  • Interfaith traditions
  • Intolerance and Indifference
  • Environmental preservation

At Louisville Seminary, we are committed to preparing leaders for relevant ministries and public service in the Church and in the world. We are a portal to:

  • Conversation with differences
  • Critical thinking
  • Travel Seminars
  • Diverse field experiences
  • Hands-on advocacy
  • Building partnerships
  • Imaginative worship
  • Thoughtful reflection
  • Intelligent articulation
  • Mutual understanding
  • Building respect

We believe our graduates can flourish as Christian pastoral leaders in multi-religious and multi-cultural contexts, and engage and participate in intra-Christian and interreligious dialogue with respect,  compassion, and thoughtfulness.


Doors to Dialogue is an integral part of the Louisville Seminary curriculum intended to enhance student formation through a process that addresses cognitive, experiential, and vocational dimensions of learning.

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