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Credit Hour Requirements

Louisville Seminary has both full-time and half time designations for its Master of Arts (Religion) and Master of Divinity degree programs.

Full-time Student – enrolled student taking at least 9 hours per semester and 27 or more hours per academic year. All full-time students are eligible for need-based tuition grants. Some full-time students taking at least 30 hours per academic year are eligible for Scholarships for Excellence. Students may also enroll in one of several dual degree programs while a full-time student.

Half-time Student – enrolled student taking at least 6 hours per semester and between 15 to 26 hours per academic year. The maximum number of years that a half-time student can take to obtain a Master of Divinity degree is six years; and the maximum for the Master of Arts (Religion) is four years. All half-time students are eligible for need-based tuition grants, and some are eligible for Scholarships for Excellence. Half-time students are not eligible for dual degree programs. Additional designations include:

Part-time Student – enrolled student in either the full-time or half-time programs who, with approval from the Dean, temporarily takes less than the required hours for a particular program. Part-time students must forfeit any tuition grant or Scholarship for Excellence while considered part-time.

Non-degree Student – student not enrolled in a degree program at Louisville Seminary. No limit is placed on the number of courses a non-degree student may take over a lifetime. However, non-degree students may only take up to six hours in a given semester and no more than 12 hours may be transferred into a Louisville Seminary degree program.

Doctor of Ministry Students – DMin students are ordinarily involved in full-time ministry and are therefore required to take only 9 credit hours per calendar year for full-time student designation or 4.5 hours per calendar year for half-time designation. These designations are important because they can affect the student’s eligibility for certain types of loans and Veterans Administration benefits. Please contact the Registrar for details.

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