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Student Testimonials

It seems trite, but the core of my seminary and Black Church Studies experience at Louisville Seminary was a feeling of meaningful community. I grew up in a diverse context where there were many opportunities to give and receive across racial boundaries. As a Caucasian male, I came to understand what my identity means only in relationship with people who did not share my racial or cultural characteristics. As I entered seminary, I feared that I would lose this opportunity due to the relative homogeneity of my denomination. What I discovered, however, is that the administration, faculty and student body are actively cultivating intercultural relationships without sacrificing academic rigor or ignoring genuine differences among groups of people. I am so grateful to have received the spiritual formation that emerged from three years in a learning community with people from many different backgrounds. This was an invaluable experience that will always influence how I serve as a pastor.
—Rev. Beau Brown, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Olney, Illinois

Jim Holland
“The Black Church Studies offers all people a chance to understand more clearly the history of the African American Church (where they were, where they are today, and the obstacles that were there to overcome) but also what needs to be done for the community as a whole to move forward. I highly recommend that all churches provide opportunities for members of their congregations to participate in the Black Church Studies Program …”
—Jim Holland


Lee Young
"The Black Church Studies program has just magnified my understanding of the Black Church in so many ways... learning about the history of the Black Church from our textbook and gleaning so much from our professors allows me to have a deeper insight into the very essence of the Black Church. I would recommend this program to others so that they can experience personal and spiritual growth in order to be a better servant to their church for Jesus Christ."
—Lee Young
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