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    DMin Application Form

    Doctor of Ministry Degree Application for Admission

    To receive the most favorable consideration, all parts of the application should be on file no later than September 7. Consideration for applications submitted early will be made April 1. The deadline for International students is June 1.

    All documents submitted for application become the property of Louisville Seminary and may not be returned to you or transferred to a third party. This application form may be downloaded, completed and emailed to Becky Young, Office of Admissions, Louisville Seminary, 1044 Alta Vista Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40205-1798.

    Inquiries about the DMin program may be directed to: Rev. Dr. Angela Cowser at
    800.264.1839 or 502.992.9372.

    For general admissions information, please contact: Office of Admissions, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1044 Alta Vista Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40205-1798, Email: admissions@lpts.edu, Phone: 800.264.1839 (toll free), Phone: 502.895.3411, Fax: 502.992.9399.

    NOTE: Please allow plenty of time to complete this application.  This form will not be saved until the "Submit" button on the bottom of this form is clicked.

    You must use either Internet Explorer or Firefox to submit this form.  Attempting to submit this form via Safari or Google Chrome, or by using an iPad or iPhone, is not recommended and may result in our not receiving your information.

    2. Course of Study:

    Request for credit for post-graduate professional education
    3.  General Information:
    Housing while taking courses at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary:

    Your professional relationship to the church:
    5.  Colleges and universities attended (in chronological order):
          For each institution, please list the Name, City, State, Dates Attended, Degree Earned,
          and Year Awarded.

    Theological seminaries attended (in chronological order):
    For each institution, please list the Name, City, State, Dates Attended, Degree Earned, and Year Awarded.

    6.  Application credentials and references: You are to request the following credentials to be sent to the Office of Admissions (address found at the bottom of the application); indicate the date of your request and the names of the persons sending your reference letters. Please send the link to the DMin Reference Form to those who you have listed for recommendations.
    a.  Request a transcript of your college record be sent to LPTS
    b.  Request a transcript of your seminary record be sent to LPTS:
    c.  Letter of reference from a peer on ministry
    d.  Letter of reference from a lay person
    e.  Letter of reference from a professor concerning your ability to do academic work
    f.  Letter from your governing body or ecclesial authority endorsing your participation in the DMin Program
    g.  Letter from your current work supervisor, if applicable
    h.  Pastoral Care & Counseling Applicants ONLY - CPE evaluation
    7.  Please provide a clear and concise answer to the following topics. Your responses may be sent in a separate email to the Office of Admissions.

    a) A description and critical assessment of your ministerial experience since seminary?

    b) Your purpose in applying for the DMin Program, including reasons for your choice of field and initial concept, if any, of a major project?

    c) The type of ministry will you be engaged in during your doctoral studies?

    d) An example from your own ministry (sermon, educational event, counseling session, etc.)? Describe what you did, why, and with what results. Reflect theologically on the case, drawing on one or two theologians who inform your work.

    "I certify that the foregoing statements and ALL other information and transcripts submitted by me in connection with the application for admission are true and correct. I understand that falsification or omission of information is grounds for rejection of the application or dismissal from the school." Your signature below will indicate that you certify your submitted application.
    Open the calendar popup.
    There is a $75.00 application fee. You will be able to pay that fee when you click Submit.
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