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Rights and Responsibilities
The Board of Trustees has approved a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for faculty, students, administrators, staff, and directors. Community and individual rights and responsibilities and the provision for due process are fully described in this document and the Code for Student Conduct.

Certain standards of integrity need to be stated explicitly for self-discipline as well as for the support of one’s colleagues. Each may expect from the other: (1) intellectual honesty in academic and ministerial tasks and relationships, both in the Seminary and in the church-at-large; (2) integrity, responsibility, and good stewardship in all financial obligations and dealings; (3) conscientious concern in the matter of personal habits for one’s witness to and influence upon others; (4) attitudes and actions in all situations which acknowledge practically the Lordship of Christ and express the biblical concept of love for God and human beings.

In the discharge of its responsibility in relation to personal conduct, the Seminary relies primarily upon pastoral procedures by students and faculty. Evidence of conspicuous or persistent failure in moral responsibility will lead to disciplinary action which may involve suspension or dismissal from the Seminary. In such action, all the rights of due process will be observed.

In 1977, the Seminary Council became concerned about the use of words which seem by implication to demean some persons or exclude them from Christian fellowship. As a result, the Council adopted a resolution asking members of the community to be conscientious in their use of language.

The resolution affirms the view that the church is the Body of Christ, which does not exclude any persons because of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or ethnic origin. Recognizing the power of language to shape culture and perceptions of reality, it urges concern for others in language used in publications, chapel services, classrooms, and lectures. The Council recommends that all persons in the Seminary community seek to use language which is inclusive rather than exclusive, avoiding forms which seem to exclude or demean others because of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or ethnic origin.
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