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Graduation Standards
Students who receive degrees dated in May or December must complete all academic, practicum, and field education, etc. work by one week before the graduation date with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. There is no exception to the policy.

Occasionally, a student may have some incomplete work for a May graduation. With the approval of the faculty (officers of instruction), a student may walk in the May graduation ceremony (yet receive a degree dated the following December) if the following criteria are met:

    1. Student lacks no more than 6 credit hours.
    2. Student’s Statement of Faith and Ministry or Senior Seminar has been completed and has been awarded a Pass grade.
    3. Student lacks fewer than 50 practicum hours or two Field Education units by the end of the spring semester.
    4. Student reasonably expects this work to be completed on or before August 30 following the May graduation ceremony in which the student is asking to participate. A student who is completing Practicum hours during this time must have the approval of their clinical supervisor.
A student with incomplete work who wants to walk at graduation in May is responsible for requesting and obtaining the approval of the faculty. Normally, this request should be made through the student’s academic advisor, and the Associate Dean, and should be made by the March faculty meeting unless there are reasonable grounds for delay. Faculty may grant or reject the student’s request based upon the student’s academic record and/or other reasonable grounds.
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