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    Syllabi: Spring 2019
    These online syllabi should be used to gain a better understanding of the content and focus of a course. The syllabus provided in the class may differ from the online version and its content supersedes that of the online syllabus. The course syllabi are listed in PDF format.
    Course Number Course Title  Instructor(s) 
    CE 320-3 Children's Literature in Life and Faith C. Cook/
    B. Wigger
    TH 234C Evil S. Craigo-Snell
    OT 202-3
    Exegesis of Exodus J. Reed
    PC 317-3 Gender, Race, and Class: Engaging Intersectionality A. Hicks White
    TF 112-3 History of Christian Experience I C. Elwood
    OT 102-3 Introduction to Old Testament Exegesis J. Reed
    ET 104-4 Presbyterian Polity & Heritage S. Craigo-Snell/
    C. Kirkpatrick
    PC 305-3 Professional Issues and Ethics in MFT B. Seeger Troy
    PC 322-3 Psychopathology and Pastoral Diagnosis L. Townsend
    SM 110-2 Reflection Groups C. Cook/
    A. Plantinga Pauw/
    S. Williamson
    PC 281-3 Research in MFT A. Hicks White
    TH 332-3
    Restorative Justice
    S. Williamson
    NT 100-3 Scripture II J. Soyars
    SM 201-3 Senior Seminar D. Mumford/
    A. Plantinga Pauw
    TH 262-3 Theology of John Calvin C. Elwood
    PW 101-3 Worship, Community, and Pedagogy M. Hong/
    B. Wigger

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