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    Syllabi: Spring 2015
    These online syllabi should be used to gain a better understanding of the content and focus of a course. The syllabus provided in the class may differ from the online version and its content supersedes that of the online syllabus. The course syllabi are listed in PDF format.
    Course Number Course Title  Instructor(s) 
    PW 100-3
    Basic Preaching D. Mumford
    TH 365-C Contemporary Theology S. Craigo-Snell
    PC 303-3
    Couples Therapy: Theory and Practice L. Townsend
    SM 310-3 Encountering the World's Diversity of Religious Faith and Practice among Our American Neighbors S. Garrett
    D. Hester
    K. Johnson
    C. Kirkpatrick
    TH 387-3 Formation for Religious Experience S. Craigo-Snell
    TH 274-3 Frederick Douglass S. Williamson
    PC 317-3 Gender, Race, and Class in Pastoral Practice L Townsend
    S. Williamson
    ET 105-4
    History and Doctrine of Methodism C. Brockwell
    TF 112-3
    History of Christian Experience I C. Elwood
    OT 1023-1
    Introduction to Old Testament Exegesis J. Bos
    PC 281-3 Marriage and Family Therapy Research M. Finley
    EM 413-3 Multifaith Perspectives on Global Displacement C. Hong
    CE 305-3 Multiple Intelligences in Christian Education B. Wigger
    ET 104-4 Presbyterian Heritage & Polity A. Plantinga Pauw
    C. Kirkpatrick
    NT 400-1 Reading in New Testament Greek M. Collins
    OT 400-1 Reading in Old Testament Hebrew J. Bos
    SM 201-3 Senior Seminar D. Mumford
    A. Plantinga Pauw
    PC 307-3 Sexuality & Pastoral Practice J. Copley
    CE 410-3 Writing for the Church B. Wigger
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