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    Syllabi: J-Term 2011
    These online syllabi should be used to gain a better understanding of the content and focus of a course. The syllabus provided in the class may differ from the online version and its content supersedes that of the online syllabus. The course syllabi are listed in PDF format.
    Course Number Course Title  Instructor(s) 
    OT 322-3 Art of Presence - The Text, Theology and Theatre J. Bos/
    C. Goodman-Morris
    DM 646-1 D.Min. Seminar I - "Theology of Ministry: The Minister in Context" D. Hester/
    D. Grossoehme
    DM 646-3 D.Min. Seminar III - "The Minister as Theologian" A. Plantinga Pauw/
    J. Carroll
    NT 401-3 Evil, Suffering and Death in the New Testament S. Garrett
    OT 410-3 History, Religion and Culture in the Land of the Bible T. Tull/B. Wigger
    TH 241-3 Introduction to Black Religion L .Brogdon
    CM 418-3 Leaders for a Connectional Church: Congregations and the General Assembly C. Kirkpatrick/
    L. Hinson-Hasty/
    PC(USA) Staff
    PC 310-3 Pastoral Responses to Experiences of Aging S. Bowland
    TH 311-3 Religion, Ethics, and Modern Moral Issues S. Williamson
    TH 520-1 To Be Reformed C. Elwood
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