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    Syllabi: Fall 2016
    These online syllabi should be used to gain a better understanding of the content and focus of a course. The syllabus provided in the class may differ from the online version and its content supersedes that of the online syllabus. The course syllabi are listed in PDF format.
    Course Number Course Title  Instructor(s) 
    PW 320-3 African American Prophetic Preaching D. Mumford
    OT 421-3
    Biblical Interpretation After the Holocaust T. Mayfield
    CE 304-3 Christian Education with Children B. Wigger
    TH 352-3
    Christology A. Plantinga Pauw
    TF 113-3
    History of Christian Experience II C. Elwood
    PC 408-3 Human Growth & Transformation A. Hicks White
    PC 304-3 Introduction to Family Therapy
    L. Townsend
    TF 102-3
    Introduction to Theology and Ethics S. Craigo-Snell/
    A. Plantinga Pauw
    PW 105-3 Introduction to Worship C. Hong
    OT 410-1 Israel/Palestine: Past and Present T. Mayfield/
    C. Cook
    TH 321-3
    Medical Ethics S. Williamson
    PC 442-3 MFT Practicum: Level 2 A. Hicks White
    PC 443-3
    MFT Practicum: Level 3 L. Townsend
    PX 200-3 Practical Theology in Congregations D. Mumford/
    C. Hong/
    M. Hong
    TH 272-C Schleiermacher
    C. Elwood
    OT 100-4 Scripture I T. Mayfield
    PC 308-3
    Theories of Change L. Townsend
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