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    Syllabi: Fall 2012
    These online syllabi should be used to gain a better understanding of the content and focus of a course. The syllabus provided in the class may differ from the online version and its content supersedes that of the online syllabus. The course syllabi are listed in PDF format.

    Course Number Course Title Instructor(s)
    PW 100-3 Basic Preaching D. Mumford
    PC 308-3 Conceptual Foundations for Family Therapy L. Townsend
    OT 1013-1/
    OT 1013-2
    Elements of Biblical Hebrew - Section 1 & 2 J. Bos
    NT 213-3 Exegesis of Colossians & Philemon in Greek L. Brogdon
    NT 206-3 Exegesis of Romans in English L. Brogdon 
    TF 102-3 Faith Seeking Understanding S. Craigo-Snell/K. Johnson
    PC 304-3 Family Therapy: Theory and Practice E. Walker
    TH 274-3 Frederick Douglass S. Williamson
    PC 221-3 Group Dynamics in Marriage and Family Therapy and Congregations E. Walker
    PC 408-3 Human Growth and Transformation C. Cook
    PC 105-3 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling L. Townsend
    PW 105-3 Introduction to Worship T. Stricklen
    TH 321-3 Medical Ethics S. Williamson
    PC 263-1 Ministry of Listening M. Ruf
    PX 2013-1 Practical Theology in Congregations - Section 1 D. Reistroffer/
    K. Hockenberry
    PX 2013-2 Practical Theology in Congregations - Section 2 D. Reistroffer
    OT 411-3 Reading the Bible in the Middle Ages J. Bos
    OT 100-4 Scripture 1 T. Mayfield
    SM 201-3 Senior Seminar C. Kirkpatrick/
    K. Johnson 
    TH 237-3 Theology and the Modern West S. Craigo-Snell

    MS 106-2

    United Methodist Polity

    C. Brockwell

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