Mosaic magazine, published twice each year, provides a montage of Louisville Seminary's community life, its connection to and influence on religious research and scholarship, and its contribution to the spiritual and vocational lives of people in the world today. Mosaic is now available online in a digital format allowing you to share, download and print stories and resources. Check it out today!

  Mosaic Spring 2016

Spring 2016
Human Encounters with a Faithful God

You can also view past issues of Mosaic online:

Fall 2015
Covenant Set in Motion

Spring 2015
Beyond the Dichotomy

Summer 2014 
Roots of Ministry

Fall 2013
Yesterday, Today and Forever
Summer 2013
Bridging Divides

Fall 2012
God Gave Them Gifts

Winter 2011-12  
Leadership for What's Next
Spring/Summer 2011 
Transforming Seminary Education