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Donor Recognition
Exceeding our fundraising goals speaks to the ever-increasing engagement and enthusiasm that our alums, faculty, staff, students, churches, friends and the community have for the quality, transformative theological education that Louisville Seminary offers. Our supporters, as do we, feel that the seminary is poised to be THE leader in preparing students for a life dedicated to ministry and service.

We (and I mean our entire seminary community) cannot stand tall in our achievements without your ongoing personal and, yes, financial support. The roots of ministry are planted here, and the branches grow all over the world. You provide the water and warmth that keep the ground fertile. Our seminary grows because you make it grow and we believe it can grow even more. I am humbled by your tremendous dedication to this very special place.

Thank you for helping us prepare men and women for the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for helping us provide the best theological education possible so that every graduate of Louisville Seminary is equipped to serve and to lead in this very diverse and often divided world.

Thank you for helping us ensure that Louisville Seminary will be able to provide to future generations the same great quality of education we provide to today’s students.

You are true believers in our mission and in life dedicated to serve in God’s name.

Michael Jinkins
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Michael Jinkins
Michael Jinkins
Louisville Seminary

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