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New Legacy Reentry Corp. is Louisville Seminary's New Food Service Provider

by Chris Wooton | Sep 05, 2017

New Legacy - NelsonsLast spring, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary found itself in need of a new on-campus food service provider. As it considered potential vendors, the seminary wanted to find a service that reflected its mission to minister and serve a world in great need, which is why the seminary enlisted the services of the New Legacy Reentry Corporation.

New Legacy is a faith-based community organization that is committed to breaking the cycle of chronic recidivism for those who were previously incarcerated for nonviolent, nonsexual crimes. The organization provides long-term residential housing, vocational education, spiritual enrichment, entrepreneurship guidance and basic life skills to their program participants, which equips and empowers them to become better parents, spouses and citizens.

The organization’s culinary program provided the catering services for Louisville Seminary’s Black Church Studies Consultation on Restorative Justice last February, and the service was met with favorable reviews from consultation attendees. According to Pat Cecil, Louisville Seminary’s vice president, chief operating officer and chief financial officer, the organization’s resources, structure, quality of service as well as its mission made it the perfect fit for Louisville Seminary.

Hamilton and Phelps New Legacy“By having New Legacy provide nourishment to our campus community, we, in turn, are nourishing the spirit of restorative justice and giving formerly incarcerated individuals a chance to start their lives over on a positive and productive note,” said Cecil.

In addition to providing Louisville Seminary’s dining services, New Legacy is free to use the seminary’s on-campus kitchen and dining facilities as the primary training site for its culinary services program and offer those services to other organizations.

Gisela Nelson, New Legacy’s executive director, said the opportunity to work with Louisville Seminary came at the right time.

“In order for our culinary program to grow, we needed the facilities that Louisville Seminary had available,” said Nelson, who co-founded New Legacy with her husband, Paul Nelson, Sr. “We are now able to provide our citizens with comprehensive, real-world training in the culinary arts, which, in turn, opens more doors of opportunity for them as they reenter society.”
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