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Art exhibit reflects on events of Holy Week

by Louisville Seminary | Mar 30, 2010
As a way to visually reflect on the events of Holy Week, the days of the calendar during which Christians remember the events in the life of Jesus Christ leading up to his death and resurrection, a temporary art exhibit is on display at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

The exhibit, located in the lobby of Nelson Hall on the main quadrangle of the campus, will run through April 30, 2010. The public is invited to view the art show from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

The display of selected paintings and sculptures highlights various biblical stories including Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, identified as Palm Sunday in the liturgical calendar; the last supper with his disciples; and his crucifixion. Eleven of the pieces in the exhibit are from the collection of Louisville Seminary Alum Rev. David Allen Sharp (MDiv ’66), who donated more than 50 pieces of religious art to the Seminary in 2006. A twelfth piece, Pieta, by Louisville, Ky., artist Anne Stewart Anderson whose work depicts the roles of women and their stories, is from the Seminary’s main collection. Together, all the pieces represent a wide range of media created by artists worldwide.

Angela Morris, Head of Public Services in the Seminary’s Ernest Miller White Library who also serves as curator of the Sharp Art Collection, said she wanted to find a way to share more of the collection with the Seminary community. “When the unique pieces in the collection are grouped in certain ways, they help illustrate the biblical stories of the life and ministry of Jesus. They create a visual narrative, as seen through the eyes of global artists,” she said.

Over the past three years, Morris has strategically displayed the artwork throughout several buildings on the Seminary’s campus. A self-guided tour provides information about the pieces in the permanent exhibit in Nelson Hall, and many pieces are available for educational purposes in the classroom.

Sharp is a retired minister who served Texas congregations for more than 38 years. Throughout his ministry he developed relationships with artists around the world and commissioned them to create pieces that would become his personal expression and testimony, a statement of faith, of his own beliefs and understanding of scripture. In appreciation for his Louisville Seminary professors, who “planted the seeds of critical theological thinking,” Sharp bequeathed his collection of Judeo/Christian art to the Seminary in the hope that it would inspire others to pursue ideas “outside of the early Sunday school teacher’s box.”

President Dean K. Thompson said, “The collection is Sharp’s personal testimony of faith and a legacy of his calling as an effective interpreter of the Gospel.”

The Holy Week Exhibit includes the following:

Triumphant Entry by Glenn Ayers (1996)
Pen drawing with color wash. 22” (w) x 17” (h)

Last Supper by unknown artist
Cast bronze, DaVinci style. 25” (w) x 14” (h)

Betrayal by Diamantes Cassis (1967)
Acrylic paint. 22”(w) x 28” (h)

Ready or Not- Here I Come by Elizabeth Miller (Received July 7, 2007)
Acrylic. 21” (w) x 27” (h)

Crosses by Delda Skinner (Received August 21, 2007)
Framed watercolor. 28” (h) x 20” (w)

Golgatha by Elder at Highland Hills Presbyterian Church /Initials PH.M., Lakeland, Fla. (1964)
Wood inlay. 20” (w) x 16” (h)

Blown Glass Crucifix by Senora Marta Sanchez, Mexico
Cross mounted on framed surround

Eyes to See by Glenn Ayers (1977)
(Crucifixion) Acrylic. 28.5” (w) x 39” (h)

The King of the Jews by Diamantis Cassis (1967)
Oil. 27” (w) x 33” (h)

Cross and Body Meet by Jacob Sanders
Barbed wire cross sculpture. 27” (h) 17” (w)

Pieta by Anne Stewart Anderson
(Not a part of the Sharp collection)

Easter Angel by United Designs Angel Collection

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