Application for Admission: MFT Reference Form

If you would like a form to print and send to us, you can get it here. You can fax it to (502) 895-1096 or mail it to the address below. Questions? Call 1-800-264-1839.

Applicant's Name: ___________________________________________________

Degree program applied for: ___________________________________________

Date: _____________________

To Be Completed By The Recommender:

Recommender's Name: ________________________________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________

Position/Title: _______________________________________________________

Your Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: _______ Zip : _________

Phone Number: _____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________

Thank you taking time to help us evaluate this candidate for admission to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Your frank assessment will help us judge the person's capacity for graduate theological education. We believe that a good reference will point to the applicant's weaknesses and limitations as well as strengths. Please tell us how long and in what roles you have known the applicant and share with us your impressions of the candidate concerning:

1. Capacity for rigorous academic work


2. Personal and vocational maturity


3. Capacity to work closely with others in intimate relationships


4. Creativity and imagination


5. Promise as a marriage and family therapist


6. Depth of spiritual concern and understanding


7. Commitment to ministry as expressed in pastoral counseling and/or marriage and family therapy.


Please feel free to make any additional comments that you think would be helpful to our Admissions Committee.

Thank you for your help.

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
1044 Alta Vista Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40205-1798

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