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Chapel Ministers
Chapel ministers playing the drums
Chapel Ministers

Everyone can be a Chapel Minister and help plan our worship services at LPTS! We are a community which creates liturgy and plans worship together, and we want you to be a part of Chapel Ministers.

What do Chapel Ministers do?

  • We plan, prepare, and lead worship - three services each week!
  • We help nourish the vision of those preaching in the chapel.
  • We glorify God through our gifts and the gifts of other members of our community.
  • We engage old and new worship practices from a variety of faith traditions.
  • We gain tools to do ministry with confidence and experience.
  • We have a good time working together to worship God!

Basic facts about Chapel Ministers meetings

  • Meetings are every Monday in the Worship Resource Center, next to Fellowship Hall in the Chapel building, and include a free lunch.
  • Children, spouses, significant others, friends, pets . . . everyone you know is welcome. There is absolutely NO COMMITMENT REQUIRED (but we'll love you if you do commit, too). You can show up as often or as little as you are able.
  • If you can only make a part of the meeting, that's fine too!
  • There is not, at present, any class credit for attending. All Chapel Ministers are volunteers.
  • Chapel Ministers can come from all walks of life, whether a part of an official denomination or not. To have services that reflect the beautiful variety in our community, we encourage greater diversity in the Chapel Ministers meetings.

How do you get involved?

Contact Eric VanVeelen, Toya Richards, or Lauren Mayfield - or just show up. Can't make the meeting? Email your thoughts to us: eric.vanveelen@my.lpts.edu, whitney.franklin@my.lpts.edu, or laurenmayfield@lpts.edu, or chapel@lpts.edu for general inquiries. 

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