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Employment Opportunities
Kilen Gray, Louisville Seminary's Dean of Students, collects opportunities from various community contacts regarding employment in the area open to students and family members. If you are an employer who wants to post a job for Louisville Seminary Students to consider, please contact Dr. Gray at (502) 992-9367 or kgray@lpts.edu.

An online resource, which includes all available employment opportunities is kept up to date in the Louisville Seminary intranet (the Seminary's internal website). Each fall, students receive a weblink to access this information.

You will need your login information to access this resource.

There are also occasional opportunities to work on campus. Periodically, openings will arise in places such as Institutional Advancement and the E.M. White Library. Watch your emails regarding these matters. These opportunities are also posted in the Seminary Times newsletter, which is deployed via seminary e-mail to students, employees and our larger community every Friday.

Field Education Stipends

Field education opportunities equip students with practical experiences that integrate coursework with hands-on engagement outside of the classroom. Because we strongly believe that students should be compensated for their work, we provide various forms of payment for field education positions. Most field education positions occur over an eight-and-one-half month period (from early September to mid May). Typically, students work approximately 16 hours each week. Agency and on-campus placements pay minimum wage. Congregational placements offer a monthly stipend. Other opportunities, including summer placements and full-time internships, are also available to students further along in the program.

Refer to the Field Education section of the website for more information. For questions, contact Marcus Hong, Director of Field Education, at (502) 894-2294 or mhong@lpts.edu.

Student Supply Pastors

Advanced students also are eligible to serve as student supply pastors. These positions may offer larger stipends (approximately $500 per month) than Field Education placement but are only available to advanced students. For questions, contact Marcus Hong, Director of Field Education, at (502) 894-2294 or mhong@lpts.edu.

Church and Agency Openings

Several churches and agencies are looking for qualified seminary students and alumni to fill open positions. Upon request, Louisville Seminary posts those positions on its website. For questions, please contact Sandra Moon, Director of Alum, Church, and Community Engagement, at (502) 992-9348 or smoon@lpts.edu.

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