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    Women at the Well

    Women at the Well recognizes, celebrates, strengthens, and preserves women of color and an identity that is “deeply rooted in one’s heritage and gender." Come! Glorify God with us!


    Women at the Well is the brainchild of two women students at Louisville Seminary, the Rev. Lauren Randall Sanders (MDiv ’05) and the Rev. Angela Cowser (MDiv ’06). As students, the two submitted a proposal for support to initiate a multicultural program that would benefit women of color who are studying at Louisville Seminary.


    To support one another

    To educate one another, campus, and community
    To teach one another, campus, and community


    To educate the Louisville Seminary community about minority experiences as it affects how minorities see the world and the larger society.


    To encourage
    To be a place of refuge
    Be Prophetic
    Be Pastoral


    Brown bag lunches as a way to support one another
    Speaker presentations on social justice issues
    Service projects
    Participate in Louisville Seminary events

    Women at the Well

    If you only knew, you are not alone
    we are standing with you, you have support
    we are praying for you, there is a place
    for you to be, to share, to lead, to learn, to help,
    to serve, we are waiting for you.
    There is a space for your heart and hurt,
    thoughts and opinions.
    We are here. We open our arms to you
    You are always welcome here

    We at Women at the Well would like extend
    an open invitation.
    As women of color, we understand and
    welcome you to come, sit, talk, pray, laugh,
    cry, share, replenish, renew, give,
    We are always waiting at the well.

    -Alicia DeMartra-Pressley 2016

    Student Leaders


    Dana Seay

    Dana Seay
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