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Common Questions

How long is a counseling session?
Counseling sessions last for 50 minutes.

Can I bring a family member or friend with me to my counseling session?
You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you to your counseling session. LSCC encourages you to have whomever is most helpful to you or to invite anyone whose knowledge and support will be of assistance in resolving your area of concern. Please let your therapist know in advance when you are planning to have someone accompany you in session.

Is there an additional fee for bringing someone into session with me?
No, the fee you establish with your therapist will include whomever accompanies you in therapy.

If my financial situation changes, what should I do?
If you need to adjust the counseling fee you established with your therapist, please notify them as soon as possible. If you have been receiving financial assistance and are no longer in need of this help, please let your therapist know so that others can be offered this help.

Does LSCC accept health insurance benefits?
LSCC does not accept health insurance. Our counseling center accepts fee for service on a sliding fee scale for counseling services.

Does LSCC provide counseling services to those of non-Christian faith traditions?
Yes, LSCC welcomes all faith traditions as well as those who do not profess a spiritual or religious connection in their lives.

Does LSCC welcome the LGBTQ community to counseling services?
Yes, counseling services are available to all.

If I am concerned about a friend or family member, what should I do?
You would be welcome to discuss our services with your friend or family member. You can also encourage them to seek help from us or from somewhere else they trust. And you can offer to accompany them to their first or subsequent counseling sessions.

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