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Louisville Seminary Counseling Center (LSCC)

Louisville Seminary Counseling Center (LSCC) provides therapeutic services that address health needs, relational issues, personal problems and matters of religious or spiritual concern to individuals, couples and families. 

The center welcomes children, adolescents, adults and seniors without discrimination and serves a diverse clientele including people of racial, ethnic, religious and gender differences.

LSCC services are provided by intern therapists who are master's-level students in the Louisville Seminary Marriage and Family Therapy program. Intern therapists provide counseling under the supervision of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

To Make an Appointment

Call (502) 894-2293

Ayuda para las personas que habla espanol

Si se necessita ayuda in espanol, tenemos unos therapistos que pueden ayudarle. Telephono al number (502) 894-2293 y indique con su nombre y su numero de telephono que se necessita ayuda en espanol.

In Case of a Clinical Emergency

LSCC is not a crisis center and is only available during business hours for the counseling center. If you are in need of urgent assistance, please call 911 or HOPE NOW at (502) 589-4313. If you, or someone you care for, are in need of medical assistance, please go to your closest emergency room.

Louisville Seminary Counseling Training Center Brochure
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