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Alum Giving
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April 2013 Alum Board of Directors Business Meeting

Alum Board President Marie Cross, led members through a revision of the By-Laws. Once the revisions were made, Jonathan Yarboro moved to accept the By-Laws as rewritten, and Skip Hansen seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. 

All members then signed the Covenant.

The Board then broke down into the following workgroups:
Communications: Sharon Yunker-Deatz, chair
Community Building: Leslie Belden, chair
Financial Support: John Stull, chair
Nominations: Marian McClure Taylor, chair
Workgroup reports:
Three proposals were made by the Communications group: 1. Every Board member make 25 calls to alums to verify existing information and to encourage an annual gift. 2. An emphasis be placed on reunion during the Festival of Theology. 3. Coordinate the Alum2Alum newsletter with the Institutional Advancement staff.
Three priorities resulted from the Community Building group: 1. Strengthen the Alum Association. 2. Increase alum attendance and involvement with the Seminary. 3. Enhance Louisville Seminary website and connection to Facebook.

The Finance group encouraged a 100% Alum Board participation goal for the 2012-13 fiscal year. 2. Consider a Challenge Fund to boost annual giving. 

Results of Nominating included a proposed slate of nominees for offices of the 2013-14 Alum Board.  The redistribution of the Class of 2016 to even out concluding member terms.  Three new members for the Class of 2017 were announced.  Mark Goodman-Morris moved to accept and Matthew Means seconded.  Passed without discussion or dissent.
For the Distinguished Alum Awards, an email vote of the Board in approving the slate of nominees would greatly empower the committee to complete its work.  This was passed by general acclimation.

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