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    LPTS Alum Board Meeting

    March 27, 2017 2:00 pm

    Alum Board Members in Attendance: Amariah McIntosh (Alum Board President), Todd Williams (Alum Board Vice President and Moderator of Nominating), Chris White (Alum Board Secretary), Mark Baridon, Joanna Hipp, Gail Monsma, FrankLyn Shroeder, Judy Stubbs, Craig Tuck, Anne Vouga, and Polly Williams.
    Alum Board Nominees in Attendance:  Judy Stubbs (class of 2021), Lee Collins, Michael Erwin, Lynn Mayes-Burton, and Shannon Meacham (class of 2022).  
    LPTS Staff & Guests in Attendance: Michael Jinkins (President of LPTS), Sandra Moon (Director of Alum), and Mark Goodman-Morris (Alum Rep to the Seminary’s Board of Trustees)
    Opening Prayer & Welcome: by LPTS President Michael Jinkins. He provided us with a brief “state of the Seminary” and answered questions from members of the Board.
    Introductions:  Sandra Moon invited the Board Members to introduce themselves by answering the question: “Why do you serve on the Alum Board?”  Those who were not able to be with us at the informal Alum Board dinner, at The Bard’s Town on March 26, where invited to also answer the question posed at the dinner: “What was your favorite memory of LPTS?”
    Board Orientation: Alum Board President Amariah McIntosh welcomed new members to the Alum Board and drew our attention to the Alum Association By-Laws (last revised by LPTS Trustees 10-22-15), item IV Budget, regarding reimbursement guidelines for those Alum Board Members attending the Festival of Theology.  She then led us into aligning ourselves with the following Committees:
    Committee Workgroups:
    •    Executive Committee:  Todd Williams (President), Joanna Hipp (Vice President) and Chris White (Secretary).
    •    Communication: Joanna Hipp, Lynn Mayes-Burton,  Shannon Meacham, Shawn Stinson, Anne Vouga, Chris White
    •    Finance/Fundraising: Lee Collins, Terry Epling, George Goodman, Gail Monsma, FrankLyn Schroeder, Will Mullins
    •    Nominating: Mark Baridon, Michael Erwin, Judy Stubbs, Craig Tuck, Polly Williams, Todd Williams,
    Committee Breakout Reports: The Committees met briefly to identify Moderators and review plans for the upcoming year.  Committees will submit a more thorough review of their plans as the year progresses; a brief summary follows:
    •    Communication: Joanna Hipp (Moderator) and Lynn Mayes-Burton (Vice Moderator). Discussion included improvements to communication via social media (especially the Alum Facebook page), the recent student-led request that the Seminary become a Sanctuary, and plans for communicating next year’s Festival of Theology set for March 15-17, plus the possibility of switching to the Fall in 2019.
    •    Finance / Fundraising: Lee Collins and Gail Monsma (Co-Moderators). Discussion included introducing the idea of financially supporting the Seminary from the very beginning of a student’s entrance into the life of LPTS, asking congregations to provide $1 per member to the Seminary, or collect a special offering for the Seminary.
    •    Nominations: Polly Williams (Moderator) and Mark Baridon (Vice Moderator).  A MOTION carried to present the Distinguished Alum Awards to Cindy Guertin and Conrad Sharp and the First Decade Award to Lisa Hermann.  Suggested nominations for the 2019 awards are: the Rev. Dr. Majid Abel and the Rev. Nosheen Khan (Distinguished) and a nominee for the First Decade Award is still “to be determined.”  The slate for the Alum Board is as follows:  Class of 2020 (filling an incomplete term): Judy Stubbs  and Class of 2021: Lee Collins, Michael Erwin, Lynn Mayes-Burton, Shannon Meacham, and Will Mullins.   The Committee also requested keeping the presentation of the awards over dinner (rather than moving it to a luncheon), and suggested recognizing a bi-vocational Alum, finding ways to encourage prior faculty to attend future gatherings, and to be mindful of the need for diversity.
    •    Executive Committee:  A MOTION carried for the Executive Committee to develop a strategy by September 1, 2017, that would identify a financial plan of what Alum donations should be.
    •    Alum Board members Amariah McIntosh and Marian McClure Taylor are rotating off the Board.  We appreciate their service and dedication to the Seminary and to the Board.
    Next Steps: Sandra Moon reviewed Annual Fund goals for the upcoming year, with the additional hope of raising enough funds by 2021 to provide a stipend to students for housing. Sandra also distributed a listing to each Board Member of those LPTS alums who lived within a 30 mile radius and requested the Board Member have a “face-to-face” meeting with a minimum of 5 non-alum Board Members before the next Alum Board meeting.  We are encouraged to build connections with other Alums and to help the IA database stay up to date. Amariah reminded us to turn in a completed survey and an expense report before leaving.
    A MOTION carried to approve the minutes of last year’s Alum Board meeting of April 4, 2016 and the related Committee Reports.
    Meeting Adjourned at 4:34 pm after Sandra Moon led us in a time of devotions based on a recent MFT workshop she attended.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Chris White
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