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    LPTS Alum Association Meeting

    Tuesday April 5, 2016

    Alum Board Members in Attendance:
    Mark Baridon (member elect), Lee Clements (outgoing member), Terry Epling (outgoing president), Mark Goodman-Morris (outgoing member), Rachel Helgeson (outgoing secretary & member), Joanna Hipp (member elect), Amariah McIntosh (outgoing VP; President elect), Gretchen Schneider (member elect), FrankLyn Schroeder, Shawn Stinson, Marian McClure Taylor, Anne Vouga (member elect),
    Chris White (secretary elect), Todd Williams (VP elect), Jonathan Yarboro (outgoing member), Letrice Young
    Not present:  George Goodman (member elect), Matthew Means, Gail Monsma (member elect), Barbara Sloop, David Snardon (outgoing member), Craig Tuck, Polly Williams (member elect)  

    Also in Attendance:
    Members from the LPTS Alumni Community, Representatives from the Graduating Class of 2016, Michael Jinkins (President of LPTS), Felicia LaBoy (Assoc. Dean of Black Church Studies & Advanced Learning), Emily Miller (Director of Admissions & Recruitment), Sandra Moon (Director of Alum & Church Relations), Sally Pendleton (Interim Director of Finance),

    Opening prayer & welcome was given by Terry Epling at 1:08 pm in Garden Court, Hundley Hall.  A buffet luncheon of soup and salad was provided.

    Amariah McIntosh welcomed the Class of 2016, congratulated them on their upcoming graduation to be held on May 15, invited them to introduce themselves, and welcomed them into the Alum Association.
    Sandra Moon introduced herself and welcomed all present.  She reviewed her goals for the upcoming year, extended a warm invitation to everyone to support LPTS in whatever means possible, and reviewed briefly upcoming events.

    Emily Miller reviewed current recruitment numbers and encouraged us to continue to find ways to use social media in promoting LPTS.

    Felicia LaBoy provided a “Seminary Spotlight” by reviewing details regarding the Black Church Studies Program, and then opened the floor for questions.  

    Terry Epling introduced current Alum Board Members and gave an overview of the recent Alum Board meetings of April 3 & 4.  Moderator of Communications will be Shawn Stinson.  Suggestions for a Moderator for both Finance and Nominating were made; an invitation to serve will be extended to those individuals.  

    Marian McClure Taylor reported on behalf of the Nominating Committee of the Alum Board.
    Motion #1:  that the Association elect the following persons to serve on the Board:  Class of 2018 – Mark Baridon & Joanna Hipp; Class of 2020 – Gretchen Schneider, George Goodman, Anne Vouga, Gail Monsma, Polly Williams.  Terry Epling called for nominations from the floor.  There being none, nominations were closed.  Motion carried.

    Motion #2:  That the Association elect the following slate of officers for a term of one year as per the by-laws:  The Rev. Dr. Amariah McIntosh, President; the Rev. Todd Williams, VP; the Rev. Chris White, Secretary.  Terry Epling called for nominations from the floor.  There being none, nominations were closed.  Motion carried.

    Marian McClure Taylor reminded the Association that the Board is now working one year ahead on presenting First Decade Award(s) and Distinguished Alum Award(s) and requested that the Association authorize the Board to continue to pursue qualified recipients.  Terry Epling asked that the Association provide their consent.  Motion carried.

    Marian McClure Taylor then led the installation of the new Board Members (present were Mark Baridon, Joanna Hipp, Gretchen Schneider, and Anne Vouga) and Board Officers (present were Amariah McIntosh, Todd Williams, and Chris White.)  

    President Michael Jinkins thanked all those who helped with the 2016 Festival of Theology & Alum Reunion.  He gave a brief “state of the seminary” report, highlighting our good progress on the Covenant for the Future.  He also honored those retiring Alum Board Members (present were Lee Clements, Mark Goodman-Morris, Rachel Helgeson, Jonathon Yarboro.)  Terry Epling clarified that although his term as President was ending, he would continue to serve on the Board.  Also, Mark Goodman-Morris will continue to serve as the Alum Board Representative on the LPTS Board of Trustees.  

    Amariah McIntosh closed the meeting with prayer at 1:59 pm.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Chris White
    April 8, 2016
    Revised April 18, 2016
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