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    Alum Board of Directors
    Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

    Minutes of the April 14, 2015 - April 15, 2015 Meeting

    Tuesday April 13th, 2015
    LPTS Alum Meeting
    Alum Board Members in Attendance:

    The Alum Trustee Board of Louisville Seminary met on Monday, April 13, 2015 in Laws Lodge on the seminary campus.  There was some confusion as to the starting time, but by 8:30 a.m., a quorum was reached and the meeting began.

    Alum Trustees in Attendance
    Terry Epling, President
    Amariah McIntosh, Vice President
    Jo Ann Knight, Secretary
    Andrew Miller
    David Snardon
    Rachel Helgeson
    Mark Goodman-Morris
    Kerri Allen
    Lee Clements
    Sharon Yunker-Deatz
    Christ White
    Craig Tuck
    Jonathon Yarboro
    Marian McClure Taylor
    John Stull
    Franklin Schroeder
    Barbara Sloop

    Seminary Representatives
    Michael Jinkins, President
    Linda Medley, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
    Sally Pendelton, Senior Director of Development
    Judy Johnston, Director of Annual Fund & Alum Relations
    Grant Crusor, Director of Admissions
    Greg Clark, Director of Church Relations
    Chris Wooten, Communications Outreach
    Sue Garrett, Dean
    Leon Moison, Covenant Fund-Raising
    Caitlin Simpson, Student Body President

    Alum Board Members not in Attendance
    Boni Quandt
    Sam Marshall III
    Matthew Means
    Landon Whitsitt
    Letrice Young
    Grant Todd Williams

    President Terry Epling opened with prayer.  

    Greg Clark then gave a brief overview of church relations and the seminary.  His office has scrubbed the existing database, which now includes the Methodist churches on our rolls for the first time.  Four mailings have been sent:  3 solicitations and 1 informational.  Several churches have renewed their gifts to the seminary, with a total of $51K raised, from a goal of $60K.

    LPTS President Michael Jinkins spoke on the Covenant Plan, by which the seminary will be tuition free for all master degree students regardless of major as of fall semester 2015.  Current funds are sufficient for the next couple of years (thanks to the generosity of a trustee), but $1.5 million is still needed to reach the permanent funding goal.  New faculty hires include Dr. Christine Hong and De. Felicia LaBoy, while the search for the director of the Louisville Institute of Theology is in the final stages.  $60 million has been received from the Lily Foundation in the last 5 years for grants dispersed through the Institute of Theology.  Upcoming faculty searches will include the Director of Field Education and a Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy.  The seminary has received a 3 year certification renewal from the United Methodist Church for its students to be accredited for work done at Louisville Seminary. The Presbyterian Church (USA) donated a total of $72,000 to the seminary last year.  This total has steadily decreased over the years, and hence budget needs must be sourced elsewhere.  The seminary will provide anti-racism training for all staff, faculty, and students next year.

    Grant Crusor, in his role as Director of Admissions, is looking for people with a promise for ministry, but not necessarily “the best and the brightest.”  The rubric for selecting students is being refined, with major input from the faculty.

    Sue Garrett, the Dean of the Seminary, announced that both David Hester and Kathryn Johnson are retiring at the end of this academic year.  She is focusing efforts on how the seminary adapts for the church that is emerging, and not for the church of the past.

    Len Moison, counsel for the Covenant Campaign, posed the question:  “What does the seminary need from alums?”  The answers are giving and being advocates—we are the best at telling people about the successes of Louisville Seminary.  Len sees alums as essentially walking endorsements for the seminary, as we can tell a new, fresh story of the seminary. Current givers to the seminary are rapidly aging, but yet 48% of individuals in the United States last year donated for religious purposes.  He saw 3 major needs:  (1) raising money to met/exceed our goals; (2) expanding the base of our supporters; and (3) raising the visibility of the seminary.  Essentially, as alums, we need to participate by being advocates for the seminary and bringing new people to our programs.  The Board of Trustees has 100% participating in the covenant plan.

    Linda Medley, vice-president for Institutional Advancement, spoke on the importance of the annual fund to yearly operations.  The draw rate from the endowment is currently at 6.6%, and while down from the rate at the height of the recession, is barely sustainable.  Annual funds alleviate the heavy draw.

    The Alum Board of Trustees withdrew to executive session for the nominating committee’s report. This passed unanimously.  Marian McClure Taylor, committee chair, asked that the recommended individuals names for Distinguished Alum and First Decade Awards be kept in confidence until each could be properly notified.

    A good discussion was held on the impact of language used during presentations and the importance of listening to feedback.

    Vice President Amariah McIntosh closed the meeting in prayer.

    Jo Ann Knight, Secretary
    Alum Board of Directors

    Tuesday April 14th, 2015 at noon
    LPTS Alum Meeting
    Alum Board Members in Attendance:
    Terry Epling, President; Amariah McIntosh, Vice President; Jo Ann Knight, Outgoing Secretary; Rachel Helgeson, Incoming Secretary; Marian McClure Taylor, moderator of the Nominating Committee; Sharon Yunker-Deatz, outgoing moderator of the Communications Committee; Andrew Miller; David Snardon; Mark Goodman-Morris; Kerri Allen; Lee Clements; Chris White; Jonathon Yarboro; John Stull; FrankLyn Schroeder; Barbara Sloop; Boni Quandt
    Excused Alum Board Members:
    Sam Marshall III; Matthew Means; Landon Whitsitt; Craig Tuck; Shawn Stinson, Letrice Young, and Todd Williams Grant
    In Attendance:
    Members from the LPTS Alumni Community, Representatives from the Graduating Class of 2015, President Michael Jenkins, Dean Sue Garrett, Dean Kilen Gray, Communications Director Chris Wooton, and members from the LPTS Staff

    1.    Welcome
    a.    Alum Board President Terry Epling opened the alum meeting
    b.    President Epling reported that the alum board heard various reports concerning the current and future direction of LPTS.
    c.    President Epling welcomed new alum board members and said thank you / good-bye to alum board members rolling off.
    2.    Nominating Committing Report
    a.    Moderator Marion McClure Taylor thanked the nominating committee for their help: Mark Goodman-Morris, Craig Tuck, and Kerri Allen.
    b.    Moderator McClure-Taylor reported the nominating committee accepted applications from interested alums and sought diversity: geographically, denominationally, racially, etc.
    i.    Alum Board Nominees:
    1.    Letrice (Lee) Young MAR ‘11)
    2.    Shawn Stinson (MAMFT ’10)
    3.    Franklyn Shroeder (MDiv ‘67)
    4.    Todd Williams (MDiv ‘99)
    c.    Moderator McClure Taylor made a motion to the LPTS Alums to approve the nominating committees slate for alum board nominees. The motion carried and was unanimously approved.
    d.    Moderator McClure Taylor made a motion to approve Rachel Helgeson to serve two years on the alum board’s executive team as the secretary.  The motion carried and was unanimously approved.
    e.    Moderator McClure-Taylor asked permission from LPTS Alum meeting to gain permission to approve nominations from the nominating committee for the Distinguished Alum award.  The motion carried and unanimously was approved.
    3.    Introduction of representatives from the LPTS Class of 2015:
    a.    Marie Beth McCandles (MDiv): PCUSA currently serving at Springdale Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY.
    b.    Laurie Jacobs (MDiv): Looking forward to a yearlong internship at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY.
    c.    Aritha Berroa (MDiv / MAMFT): Interested in working for a non-profit agency in the Louisville, KY region.
    d.    Lashonda Fletcher (MAR / MAMFT): Is in the process of opening a counseling center in downtown Louisville, KY in conjunction with the ministry she co pastors with her husband.
    e.    Jieun Kim Hung (MDiv): Interested in working as a missionary or in mission work.
    f.    Ethan Harbor (MDiv): Interested in working in Arkansas in campus or parish ministry
    4.    Closing Words from President Michael Jenkins:
    a.    Appreciation for the Distinguished Alum Award
    b.    Covenant for the Future:
    i.    Tuition free seminary education will begin in the fall of 2015
    ii.    Hopes that this will open doors for incoming seminarians to accept non-traditional calls in ministry.
    iii.    Important for alums to continue to support the Covenant for the Future
    c.    Recognition of  Alum Board Members rolling off the board:
    i.    JoAnn Knight (MDiv ’84)
    ii.    Andrew Miller (MDiv ’03)
    iii.    John Stull (MDiv ’61)
    iv.    Sharon Yunker-Deatz (MDiv ’86, DMin ’00)
    d.    President Jenkins closed with a word of prayer

    Submitted by: Rachel Helgeson – Secretary
    May 12, 201
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