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    Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    Alum Board of Directors Meeting

    May 1-2, 2011

    Sunday, May 1, 2011
    Those in attendance:  Joel Alvis, Nancy Barkat, Bruce Berry, Marie Cross, David Gilmore, Roosevelt Haynes, Ernie Newsom, Barb Tesorero
    Staff/Faculty Resources: Kilen Gray, Cheri Harper, David Hester, Judy Johnston, Dale Melton, Michelle Melton
    Excused:  Leslie Belden, Yena Hwang, Robert “Skip” Hansen, Alonzo Johnson, Donna Morton, Terry Newland, Wayne Yost
    The meeting was called to order by Joel Alvis at 4:10 p.m.  Opening Devotion was given by Barb Tesorero.

    Joel Alvis presented the agenda for the meeting and led the assembled group in introductions. 

    Report from the President: 
    Michael Jinkins greeted the group and reflected on this last year’s activities. He has focused on two primary tasks for his first year: a “Listening Tour” and working with the Strategic Planning Committee. 

    His “Listening Tour” has provided him time with every employee of the Seminary, many of LPTS’ long-time friends and donors, Board members, congregations and alum across the nation.  He noted that Alum groups can help seminaries focus clearly on what the church needs at this point in time. 

    He expressed appreciation for the work of the Strategic Planning Committee.  That group has committed to an extraordinary journey of searching for the best strategic position possible for meeting the challenges and opportunities that will come to LPTS in future years.  They produced a real sense of where this community thinks it should go next.  The full strategic plan will come to the fall 2011 Board of Trustees.  The next step will be the creation of a comprehensive campaign for LPTS to fund our future goals.

    Report from the Dean
    :  David Hester distributed a written report capturing the various highlights of the past year in the academic life of the Seminary.  He gave special mention of celebrating that the first cohort in the Black Church Studies program will be recognized at this May’s graduation.  He noted with appreciation that Doug Gragg is on a well-earned sabbatical after shepherding the Seminary’s SAC and ATS accreditation process for the past several years.  He also celebrated that Kathryn Johnson will be returning to campus after 4 years in Geneva and will begin teaching again in January.  In addition, the Marriage and Family Therapy program has begun a revised curriculum which reflects a 3 year program. 

    Report from the Director of Recruitment and Admissions
    :  Cheri Harper reported that the admissions office is well on its way to achieving the goal of 60 incoming students (again) for next fall.   This incoming class has 6 YAV “graduates” (which is an outstanding number) and that the Doors To Dialogue program is particularly attractive to them.  Among the current list of incoming students are 6 international students (all Asian) and 11 racial ethnic students.   12 scholarships (7 full and 5 partial) have been awarded to this class (10 of the 12 recipients are women).

    Report from the Vice President for Seminary Relations
    :  Dale Melton celebrated that he can feel “cautiously optimistic” that the seminary will surpass its goal on giving for this year.  After weathering the economic downturn, giving is beginning to build.  Alum participation, which dipped from 35% to 25%, is growing back (28%) for this fiscal year.  Planned Giving is experiencing its third highest year in the last decade.  Financial support of scholarships is building.  Michael Jinkins added that Alums play a critical role in opening doors for funding, recruiting perspective students for the seminary and in serving as our ambassadors for the value of theological education.   Louisville Seminary needs all three of these to remain strong in its ministry and mission. The Alum Board recessed for dinner at 6:00 p.m. Following dinner, the board divided to meet as the following committees: Communications Committee, Community Life Committee, Nominating Committee, Seminary Relations Committee.

    At the conclusion of committee meetings, the board recessed for the evening.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Those in attendance: 
    Joel Alvis, Nancy Barkat, Bruce Berry, Marie Cross, Pearl Gillespie-Gray, David Gilmore, Roosevelt Haynes, Jud Hendrix, Andrew Miller, Ernie Newsom, Barb Tesorero
    Staff/Faculty Resources:  Kilen Gray, Judy Johnston, Dale Melton, Michelle Melton, Perri White
    Students:  David Snardon
    Excused:  Leslie Belden, Yena Hwang, Robert “Skip” Hansen, Alonzo Johnson, Donna Morton, Terry Newland, Wayne Yost

    The board resumed its work at 8:05 a.m. as David Snardon, student body president, led us in a devotion.

    Report from the Alum Board Rep to the Board of Trustees

    Dale Melton reported on behalf of Terry Newland who was absent in order to be present to and with those in his region who have experienced devastation from the recent tornados in Alabama and throughout the south.  The Board of Trustees has focused on challenges related to the freeze on endowment draw, vascilating health care plan rates (LPTS is moving to the Board of Pensions plan), the third straight year of salary freezes, continuing effects from the economic downturn and an updating of all the seminary governance documents.   The Board initiated a weekly Friday vacation day for this summer in recognition of the necessary salary freezes for the past three years. 

    Committee Reports
    Community Life Committee
    Kilen Gray distributed a written report.  Kilen expressed gratitude for the great response to the need for student supplemental food resources.   Kilen also noted that students in this current academic year experienced a health insurance premium increase of 98% from the previous plan.  Fortunately, there is no increase in rates for the 2011-12 academic year.  Dale Melton reflected that these two issues have elevated a concern on the Seminary campus about building awareness of the financial investment that students might anticipate and prepare for as they enter seminary.


    Communications Committee

    Jud Hendrix distributed a written report and led the board in an exercise to provide feedback on the effectiveness of Mosaic and suggestions for future issues. 

    Seminary Relations Committee

    Marie Cross reported that the goal of increasing alum participation in financial giving was successful.   Marie thanked the board members who made telephone calls encouraging financial giving. The Seminary Relations Committee recommends to the Board that the goal for 2011-2012 year be the same as the past year – a participation goal rather than a dollar amount. The committee moved and the board approved the following:

    Request that Alum Board members will make two contacts in the coming year: one to say thank you to one alum who has made a gift to LPTS in the past year, and one to ask an alum who has not made a contribution lately to do so.

    Nominating Committee
    Bruce Berry distributed a written report.  Bruce reported that Gayle Neal (class of 2014) has resigned and that her remaining term will be filled by a new member.  There was discussion about officer positions on the board.  Bruce presented the slate for nominations.  Nominations for Alum Board Officers were approved as presented.   Nomination for Leslie Belden to chair the Academic/Recruitment Committee was approved as presented.  Nominations for 2015 Class of Alum Board were approved as presented.  Nominations to fill the unexpired term in class of 2014 was approved as presented.  Nominations for 2012 Distinguished Alum Award recipients and for the 2012 First Decade Award recipients were approved as presented. 

    Academic/Recruitment Committee
    No report.

    Joel expressed appreciation for the work of those board members who are concluding their time on the Board.  The Class of 2012 includes Joel Alvis, David Gilmore, Jud Hendrix, Roosevelt Haynes, and Walt Sutton. 

    Meeting Evaluation
    As the board concluded its business, members were encouraged to fill out evaluation forms.  The Board commended Joel for his leadership and expressed its appreciation for a well run meeting.

    Joel Alvis adjourned the meeting with prayer at 10:30 a.m.  The Alum Association convenes on Wednesday for election of officers and the members of the class of 2015.

    Dates for future Alum Board meetings:
    April 29 – May 2, 2012
    April 28 – May 1, 2013

    Respectfully submitted,
    Barb Tesorero
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