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    MDIV/MAR Academic Reference Form (when a college professor is not available)

    If you would like a form to print and send to us, you can download the form. You can fax it to 502.992.9399 or email it to Admissions. Questions? Call 1.800.264.1839.

    Note: You must use either Internet Explorer or Firefox to submit this form.  Attempting to submit this form via Safari or Google Chrome, or by using an iPad or iPhone, is not recommended and may result in our not receiving your information.

    Programs Applied for:

    Thank you for taking time to assist us in evaluating this candidate for admission to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Your frank assessment will help us judge the person’s capacity for graduate theological education. We believe that a good reference will point to the applicant’s weaknesses and limitations as well as strengths.

    In accordance with the Family Education Act of 1974, applicants are asked whether or not they waive their right of access to reference forms in the event that they become a student at Louisville Seminary. We encourage you to check with the applicant to determine the applicant's response to this waiver prior to submitting this form.

    All documents submitted for application become the property of Louisville Seminary and are not returnable to you or transferable to a third party.

    In keeping with our long-standing traditions and policies of actively supporting equal opportunity for all persons, we admit students without regard to "ethnic and national background, sex, religion, age, or physical disability." Students are considered on the basis of individual merit, and factors such as those cited above have no bearing on admissions or financial aid.

    Before submitting your completed form, we strongly encourage you to make a copy for your own records.

    If you would like further information about Louisville Seminary, you may visit our website (www.lpts.edu) or you can contact the Office of Admissions at 800.264.1839 or at admissions@lpts.edu.

    To Be Completed By The Recommender:
    May we contact you at work?

    Below, please address the following, citing examples when possible:

    2. At Louisville Seminary, we are looking for students who demonstrate:
         i.   Confidence to participate in class discussions
         ii.  Ability to do graduate level reading and writing
        iii.  Perseverance
        iv.  Openness to learning in a diverse environment

    Thank you for your help.

    If you have completed this form correctly you will receive an acknowledgement message. If you feel that this form is not working correctly, please contact the Office of Admissions by e-mail and describe your problem.

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