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Financial Matters

The financing of a seminary education is made possible through the gifts of people in the church and society, and Seminary investments of those funds. At Louisville Seminary, we are pleased to have funds available to offer generous financial aid packages to students.

The Seminary has several kinds of financial aid available: Tuition Grants, Scholarships for Excellence and Educational Loans. Scholarships and Tuition Grants are funds that do not need to be paid back.

Scholarships for Excellence are awarded based on academic achievement and/or a promise for ministry. Current scholarships are for $20,000 a year, and a student's full-time tuition costs are paid from the scholarship. 

All admitted master’s-level students who do not receive a Scholarship for Excellence will receive a 100% Tuition Grant. These funds pay for the cost of tuition for the hours required for a degree. Students need to maintain minimum hours of enrollment to maintain a Tuition Grant. Note that required fees are not covered by tuition grants.

Students may decline to receive Seminary tuition support if requested.

I am overwhelmingly grateful to my scholarship sponsors. I hope my life and future ministry will honor and make worthwhile this opportunity with which they've so generously blessed me.

-Madison Munoz, MDiv | Ocala, FL

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