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Varieties of Field Experience
Louisville Seminary requires four units of field education, two of which must be in a congregational setting. The congregational placement is done concurrently with participation in the academic course Practical Theology in Congregations (PTC). The students’ supervisor participates in some of the class sessions.

Sixteen (16) hours of work each week for a semester is required for a unit of field education. Full-time work for ten weeks in the summer gives two units of field education. A stipend is provided for approved agency and congregational field education positions. If the congregation or agency is unable to pay the full stipend, the seminary may provide a stipend subsidy. However, if the student continues for a second year at the same site, the seminary will not subsidize the second year. No stipends are paid for Clinical Pastoral Education. However, the seminary will pay a local supervision fee for the first unit of CPE only. If a student chooses to take a unit of CPE outside of Louisville, the seminary will pay the unit/tuition fee of that unit up to the amount of the current local supervision fee for the first unit of CPE only. The seminary will not pay application or interview fees for CPE taken outside of Louisville. (See "Policy on Clinical Pastoral Education")

Louisville Seminary encourages incoming students to postpone field education until their second and third years, to concentrate on academic work the first year. However, first-year students may interview for agency positions if they need to actively participate in some form of ministry. Congregational placements are reserved for second and third year students who have completed basic biblical and theological courses.

Students at Louisville Seminary will find a wide variety of opportunities for field education, including positions in a number of congregations other than those of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
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