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Paperwork Required of All Field Education Students
The list below includes the basic paperwork required of all MDiv Field Education students at Louisville Seminary.  The Field Ed Office encourages the prompt completion of this paperwork in order to reward Field Education units required for the MDiv program. 

  1. Field Education Biographical Sketch  – due the first week of each fall semester.
    Without the form the registrar cannot place field education on the transcript.
  2. Administrative Agreement and Learning Covenant – due the first week in October and the third week in January. Due dates are listed in the Field Education Calendar.
  3. Student and Supervisor Evaluation Forms – due the last day of the fall semester and the last day of the spring semester. Due dates are listed in the Field Education Calendar.
  4. Lay Committee Evaluation Form  - are included with the student and supervisor evaluations in congregational placements.
All of the above forms are available on the seminary web site. Due dates for required Field Education paperwork are listed on the Field Education Calendar.
If the submission of the required semester Evaluation Form and other required work exceeds the deadline by more than two weeks, the student will automatically receive a failing grade for that semester’s Field Education. A student receiving two failing grades in Field Education is terminated as an MDiv degree candidate. Extensions may be granted for doctor certified medical reasons or for other extenuating circumstances, if approved by the Director of Field Education or the Dean of the Seminary. Persistent tardiness in the submission of required paperwork may be noted in the Director’s attached comments on the semester Evaluation Form.

When a student's evaluation for a unit of field education is marginal or failing, a conference with the Field Education Director is mandatory. A student receiving two failing evaluations is terminated as an MDiv degree candidate.

Students on academic probation are not permitted to participate in a field education placement. Their emphasis is to be on academic course work until the grade point average is raised to an acceptable level.

Each student's field education records, including all evaluations, are kept for ten years in the archives of the seminary. At the end of the ten year period the records are available to the former student for a nominal fee. If they are not requested, they are shredded.
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