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    Theology and Social Work
    The Kent School of Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The professional program involves a carefully structured curriculum of foundation and specialized courses. Students without an accredited undergraduate degree in Social Work (BSW) are admitted to the Regular Program and may complete their studies in four semesters. Sixty semester hours comprised of foundation courses, method of practice courses, electives, and field placements are required.

    Graduates of an undergraduate social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education will be considered for admission to the Advanced Standing Program. Full-time students may complete the 36 semester-hour Advanced Standing Program in three semesters of classroom work with one semester largely devoted to a block field placement.

    The Dual Degree Program normally takes a minimum of four years of study, at least two of which must be spent in theological study.

    The Seminary accepts the MSSW work of its students as the equivalent of up to 27 credit hours or one year of seminary study. This work is registered in the Seminary’s curricular Area C. Dual competency students must complete 63 hours of work at the Seminary, normally in four semesters of 12 hours each, and two January terms of 3 credit hours each and two summer terms of 3 credit hours each. Within these 63 hours, students will complete at least a 25-hour distribution in Area A and 20 hours in Area B. Fifteen credit hours must be taken from Area C, which includes Practical Theology in Congregations and Basic Preaching, and 2 Area C Electives. All students are required to take Transforming Seminary Education in August as they begin their seminary education. The required Statement of Faith and Ministry or Senior Seminar normally will be done during the second year of theological study. Ordinarily, theological study comes first, with social work study taken in a single sequence later. Seminary field education requirements must be met through the required field placements at Louisville Seminary. Admission into the program from the Seminary’s side does not guarantee entry into the Kent School of Social Work.
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