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    Covenant for the Future

    Covenant for the Future Kickoff

    On October 25, 2013, during the twice-yearly Board of Trustees meeting, Louisville Seminary celebrated its 160th anniversary and kicked off the 'family' phase of the Covenant for the Future campaign.

    Friends of the Seminary Rick Nutt and F. Morgan Roberts, alongside President Michael Jinkins, presented to the crowd of roughly 100 people "Who We Are," "Where We are Going," and "It's Our Turn." Remarks from those presentations are linked below.

    See video: Covenant for the Future: Our Vision

    See photos from the evening

    "Who We Are" by Rick Nutt 
    "Where We Are Going" by F. Morgan Roberts 
    "It's Our Turn" by Michael Jinkins

    Rick Nutt is professor of Religion at Muskingum University and author of Many Lamps One Light, a 150th Anniversary History of Louisville Seminary. F. Morgan Roberts is an Honorary Trustee of Louisville Seminary. 

    Covenant for the Future, the new strategic plan for Louisville Seminary is built upon the Seminary’s commitment to theological education that is informed by Presbyterian and Reformed traditions and is aligned with its core mission of educating men and women to participate in the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ in an increasingly pluralistic world.

    “The ends of theological education are not on the Seminary campus,” says Seminary President Michael Jinkins. “The ends, the ultimate purpose and meaning of everything we teach, are out there in the world. That is where Louisville Seminary’s vision is cast. Our strategic plan seeks to address the needs of the church today and the unknown needs of tomorrow, and to respond to those needs with adventurous leadership.”

    To make this possible, Louisville Seminary's strategic plan seeks to make student indebtedness for theological education a thing of the past. It is an effort to address a persistent problem among seminary graduates across the nation. We want to liberate our graduates from seminary debt so they are free to go wherever God calls them when they graduate, whether that be to a congregational ministry, service as a marriage and family therapist, or some other vocation as a servant and leader for the world.

    The strategic vision consists of five major components, to be executed in phases over ten years.

    1. “The Covenant Scholarship Plan,” the centerpiece of the strategic plan, will maximize enrollment at 130 students (inclusive of all master’s degree programs) in order to provide a full-tuition scholarship for every student by Fall 2015 and, in addition, a stipend to cover living expenses for every student by Fall 2021. In covenantal exchange for their financial aid, students will be required to engage in service throughout their time at the Seminary;
    2. Underwriting and institutionalizing the Doors to Dialogue (D2D) program, which prepares graduates for Christian pastoral leadership in intra-Christian, interfaith, and multi-cultural contexts;
    3. Underwriting and expanding the Black Church Studies program, which is addressing the critical needs of African American church communities, while also offering exceptional opportunities for students to expand their awareness and sophistication in ministering to people in a variety of cultural and religious settings;
    4. Creating an endowed fund to support expansion and maintenance of the Seminary’s Information Technology (IT) services that will augment the school’s instructional capacity and support resourcing of the church; and
    5. Renovating student housing as an asset for attracting outstanding students to the Seminary’s residential program.
    Together, these five initiatives form a cohesive whole, informing and transforming the Seminary’s larger mission.

    At its deepest level, Covenant for the Future is Louisville Seminary's response to God’s covenant with us. In return, we are responsible for listening to and responding to the needs of God’s people; for pledging our full commitment to individuals who are called by God to serve; for preparing leaders who are equipped to help revitalize faith communities; and for multiplying the investments of individuals, churches, and organizations – past, present, and future – who seek to transform the world through exceptional pastoral leaders.
    Contact the President's Office regarding questions or more information.
    Click here to read Louisville Seminary's Covenant for the Future case statement.
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