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Publications by Shannon Craigo-Snell


The Empty Church-Craigo-Snell

The Empty Church

Oxford University Press, 2016

Living Christianity-Craigo-Snell

Living Christianity: A Pastoral Theology for Today

Co-authored with Shawnthea Monroe, Fortress Press, 2009

Book Chapters

"The Prophets and Theology"
The Oxford Handbook of the Prophets, Oxford University Press, 2016.

"What Do We Know and How? Context and Questions," with Cynthia Rigby, Joerg Rieger, and Kathleen Sands
Awake to the Moment: An Introduction to Theology, Westminster John Knox Press, 2016.

"From Narrative to Performance?"
The Theological Anthropology of David Kelsey, Eerdmans, 2016.

"Tradition on Fire: Polydoxy, Orthodoxy, and Theological Epistemology"
Polydox Reflections,Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.

"Passing as Male in the Academy: Dynamics of Performance and Desire"
The Embrace of Eros,Fortress Press, 2010.

"In Praise of Empty Churches"
Theatrical Theology,Cascade Books, 2014.

"Multiplication and Division: Feminist Theology from 1980 to 2000"
Women's Culture in a New Era,Scarecrow Press, 2005.

"Interdisciplinary Theology: Bridging the Theology/Religious Studies Divide"
Theology and Religious Studies in Higher Education,Bloomsbury Academic, 2009.


“Imago Dei in the Waiting Room,” Touchstone, 34:1 (2016): 23-30.

​“Tradition on Fire: Polydoxy, Orthodoxy, and Theological Epistemology,” Modern Theology, 30:3 (2014): 17-33.

​“Rahner’s Mission: A Response to Richard Lennan,” Philosophy and Theology, 25: 2 (2013): 271-274.

​“Response to David Boulton and Jeffrey Dudiak,” Quaker Religious Thought, 118 (2012): 45-50.

​“Kairos in the Chronos: Prophetic Calls in Contemporary Culture,” Philosophy and Theology, 23:2 (2011): 301-315.

​“Contesting the Primacy of the Word: Activism, Autobiography, and Mimesis,” Feminist Theology, 18:3 (2010): 257-276.

​“Theology as Performance,” The Ecumenist, 45:2 (2008): 6-10.

​“Empowering the Truth,” Quaker Religious Thought, 108 (2007): 18-29.

​“What Would Buffy Do? A Pop Culture Feminist Ethic of Violence,” Jump Cut, 48 (Winter 2006).

“Command Performance: Rethinking Performance Interpretation in the Context of Divine Discourse,” Modern Theology, 16:4 (2000): 475-494.


"Unlikeable," a four part series in Conditionally Accepted, Inside Higher Ed (2016-2017).
--How Being Likeable Influences One's Progress in Academe
--How Marginalized Academics Can Improve Their Editing
--How to Approach Faculty Members for Recommendations
--Reaching Your Goals by Keeping Track of Your Work

​"Pride and Sloth," Presbyterian Outlook (2015).

"What the Ferguson Protests Mean for Religious Progressive Activism," Religion Dispatches (2014).

​"Ferguson in Context," Huffington Post (2014).

​"Love Means Getting to Say You're Sorry--Why I Was Arrested in Ferguson," Huffington Post (2014).

​"The Politics of Reading: A Love Note for Stephen Ray," The Feminist Wire (2013).

​"The Good Housekeeping Panopticon, or Why I Don't Do Yoga," Profligate Grace (2011).

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