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Special Screening of "Milwaukee 53206" added to BCS Consultation Events

Feb 23, 2017

A new event has been added to the schedule for Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s 2017 Black Church Studies Consultation. On Friday, February 24, a special screening of the award-winning documentary, Milwaukee 53206, will take place from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Louisville Seminary’s campus (1044 Alta Vista Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40205). The public is invited to attend.

The one-hour documentary chronicles the lives of those affected by incarceration in America's most incarcerated zip code. Through the intimate stories of three 53206 residents, viewers witness the high toll mass incarceration takes on individuals and families that make up the community. The film not only examines Milwaukee's zip code 53206, but also illuminates the story of people from across the United States who live with the daily effects of mass incarceration.

Mass Incarceration and Restorative Justice: Understanding and Response is the theme for this year’s Black Church Studies Consultation, which will feature scholars, faith leaders and social justice advocates who will address the complexities of the issues of mass incarceration and how this can be incorporated into the worship and ethical life of the church. Workshops from practitioners and plenary session leaders will provide real-life working models and tools that can help churches begin to develop ministries to respond to these issues.

Felicia LaBoy, Louisville Seminary’s Associate Dean for Black Church Studies and Associate Professor of Black Church Studies, said that the screening of Milwaukee 53206 will foster meaningful discussion about mass incarceration among event attendees.

“This is a very real and very relevant issue that we must address,” said LaBoy. “These are the communities that our seminary students will serve after graduation. How can we create healing communities for families affected by mass incarceration? There are a lot of challenges - a lot of hard questions - that we must address together.”

Following the screening, Louisville Seminary Professor Scott Williamson as well as a representative from Odyssey Network (the film's production company) will offer insights and address questions about the documentary.

See www.lpts.edu/bcsc2017 for more information about Louisville Seminary’s 2017 Black Church Studies Consultation. For questions, email bcs@lpts.edu or call (502) 992-9291.
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