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Second Black Church Studies Seminar Oct. 12-13

Oct 01, 2012

The next seminar in the Black Church Studies (BCS) Program's four-weekend seminar series, Contemporary Issues in the Black Church, will be held on October 12-13 at Louisville Seminary. Dr. Dianne Reistroffer, Professor of Ministry and Director of Field Education and Methodist Studies, will lead Child Advocacy and Education in the Black Church. These seminars, held on campus and open to the public, also will explore such topics as prosperity preaching and social ethics in contemporary African American churches.

“I am excited about these seminars because we believe they will introduce students to some of the seminal issues in African American churches,” said Dr. Lewis Brogdon, Director of the Black Church Studies Program and Assistant Professor of New Testament and Black Church Studies.

The other seminars include:

Prosperity Preaching and the Black Church | Dr. Debra Mumford | February 15-16, 2013 | (6-8 p.m. Friday/10-4 p.m. Sat.)

The Black Church and Social Ethics | Dr. Scott Williamson | April 12-13, 2013 | (6-8 p.m. Friday/10-4 p.m. Sat.)

The BCS program also has reduced the cost and number of seminars required for those who wish to attend the seminars as part of the Black Church Studies Certificate program. The entire program, which now requires participating in six rather than eight weekend seminars, will cost $100, down from $350.

“We understand the difficult economic climate in which we live and we don’t want finances to prevent someone from participating in the certificate program,” said Dr. Lewis, adding that the changes reflect a desire to make the program more accessible to local church leaders. The seminars are held on weekends to allow busy pastors, professionals, lay leaders, and former seminary students to complete the certificate program with minimal disruption in their schedules.

The Black Church Studies Program, launched in 2008, offers three tracks of study: a concentration in the Master of Divinity or in the Master of Arts (Religion) degree programs, a concentration in the Doctor of Ministry degree program, and a certificate program for students not enrolled in a degree program.

“These seminars promise an integrated learning environment that benefits all students,” said Brogdon, noting that students pursuing a degree take the seminars alongside men and women in the certificate studies program. “Our hope is that the classes be racially integrated as well. Black and non-black students can benefit from a course of study like this. Everyone is welcome at the table of theological discourse.”

Register here for the series, or call 502.894-2291.

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