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Louisville Institute begins search for executive director

Oct 19, 2011
The Louisville Institute at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary has commenced its search for the next executive director who will follow Dr. James W. Lewis, who plans to retire next summer, 2012.

According to advertising, the Institute is seeking an energetic and innovative leader who embraces the Institute’s mission to foster vibrant and faithful Christian communities by connecting theologically reflective pastors and ecclesially engaged academic scholars and its mission of supporting the study of religious communities, their leadership and ministries in North America. The successful candidate will be a proven leader in theological education and the life of the church, with skills in strategic thinking and executive leadership.

Founded in 1990, the Louisville Institute, a Lilly Endowment-funded program, has been a leader in the study of religion in North America. Seminary President Michael Jinkins announced in September that Lilly Endowment had awarded to Louisville Seminary a grant of almost $8 million to continue the work of the Institute through 2015, as it begins a new phase of its mission.

In its new phase, the Institute will nurture collaborative inquiry among pastoral leaders and academic scholars in order to address the challenges facing religious communities today. The Institute will also launch a new Vocation of the Theological Educator initiative to identify and support the next generation of ecclesially engaged teachers and scholars for theological schools.

The new phase will also include the support of several 8-10 person Collaborative Inquiry Teams involving both scholars and pastors, who will undertake a three-year study project of importance for the church and the Christian way of life. Pastors and academics will work collaboratively from their distinctive perspectives on an important common inquiry that will benefit faith communities.

The position description requires that the executive director shall hold a Ph.D. or Th.D. and be enthusiastically committed to the life of the Christian church. Inquirers may refer to the Louisville Institute website www.louisville-institute.org for a description of the position and application details.

It is hopeful that the new executive director will be in place by June 1, 2012. The Search Committee will begin the review of resumes November 1, 2011, and resumes will be accepted until the position is filled.


The Louisville Institute follows EEO guidelines and affirmative action procedures. Applicants should send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a list of references to Michael Jinkins, President, Louisville Seminary, at 1044 Alta Vista Road, Louisville, KY 40205. Optionally, these materials may also be sent to the following email address: jinkinsedsearch@lpts.edu.

President Jinkins also invites persons to send the names of possible candidates to jinkinsedsearch@lpts.edu.

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