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Seminary hosts dialogue on creation stories’ influence in the world

Oct 31, 2007
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary invites you to attend a special luncheon on November 5, 2007, when two gifted speakers will discuss the power of creation myths and stories that resonate throughout faith traditions and cultures, and the influence of these ancient tales in contemporary life.

The event is part of the national Festival of Faiths, the culmination of a year-long exploration of “Birth and Creation through the Eyes of Faith.” It is the second of a four-year series of Festivals that center around the different stages or passages of life, while also celebrating diversity of faiths and seeking to build unity upon commonly shared issues faced by all.

At the Louisville Seminary luncheon, storyteller Mary Ellen Hill will participate in a fascinating dialogue between art and academia as she and Old Testament scholar Dr. Eugene March explore the tensions that are sometime present between the literal acceptance and the narrative interpretation of these stories. This unique dialogue will explore three myths: The Story of Phan Ku the Creator (from China), The Woman Who Fell from the Sky (from the Iroquois tradition), and How Tumtumboulosa Created the World (from Africa).

Hill has been telling creation myths and folktales since 1990. With degrees in education, storytelling, spirituality and eco-justice, her work encourages hope, compassion, wonder, and celebration.

March is the A.B. Rhodes Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Louisville Seminary. His love of and expertise in ancient texts and wisdom literature have profoundly shaped his teaching, writing, and ability to connect the early stories of life, faith, and religion with the contemporary world.

Hill and March will meet with participants at Gardencourt historic estate, located on the campus of Louisville Seminary, at 12 p.m. Tickets are $15 and may be reserved online: www.interfaithrelations.com or by calling toll free 800.838.3006.

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